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Scrapbook Store of Columbia Falls, Montana

Final Scraps…March 2009

Wow what a scary time in our world today. I like the rest of you have lost hours of sleep over the state of our country and pray that a solution is around the corner. With that in mind I wanted to do my part in reducing stress and worry about doing what you love… [Continue Reading]

Final Scraps…February 2009

If you haven’t been in the store for awhile come in and see all the changes we have made. We have also been receiving shipments of NEW PRODUCTS that you will LOVE and will just have to have.
Don’t forget that we have been offering FREE FRENZY nights since we opened our doors. We know times… [Continue Reading]

Final Scraps… January 2009

Can it really be true 2009?! It seems like yesterday everyone was worried about Y2K (for you youngsters that means the year 2000…teehee) This will be our 4th year in the warehouse and boy has it changed around here. And I know it’s for the better!
Any resolutions outside the norm? I always choose to try… [Continue Reading]

Final Scraps…December 2001

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…with all the decorations up right after Halloween!? Not me. I always wait until Thanksgiving but I have to admit I listen to Christmas music all year round. Don’t judge me…I know some of you do it too! (tee hee)
I had decided to make all my gifts this… [Continue Reading]

Final Scraps…November 2008

I love Fall. The changing colors on the trees and the cool crisp air. I love going to the Sweet Pickin’s pumpkin patch with the kids and taking a TON of photos. The colors are awesome and the kids smile because they are having fun and it’s not a posed shot.
Fall inspires me for change…to… [Continue Reading]

Final Scraps…September 2008

I really had a great summer spending time with my family on the water, a couple of weddings, family reunion, and a small trip with the kids to Silverwood. Can summer really be over? It just means it’s time to focus on what I like most about fall…scrapbooking.
Join us this month for our annual fundraiser… [Continue Reading]

Final Scraps…July 2008

Every summer when I was a child, my siblings and I would have these amazing water fights on HOT days. Every bucket, bowl, and garbage can that would hold water was used. Mom’s only rule was “NO WATER IN THE HOUSE!” My mother and father would sit on the deck and watch, never taking sides,… [Continue Reading]

Final Scraps…June 2008

Scrappers and paper crafters are talking about what they really love, and it goes far  beyond traditional scrapbooks. In a nutshell, current trends are featuring: brighter  colors, heavy embellishing, vintage, collage, miniatures, retro, trading cards, and creative ways to put memories on display. Join us for one of our many classes to get you to… [Continue Reading]

Final Scraps…May 2008

Is it springtime yet? I would love to hear the birds chirp, see the tulips bloom, and feel the sunshine. Especially on the evenings that I coach fast pitch softball.
Please join us this month for our celebration of National Scrapbook Day…a day full of fun and friendship.
Mother’s Day is May 11th this year and is… [Continue Reading]

Final Scraps…April 2008

I have been an avid scrapbooker for about 14 years now…not to mention all the cutting and pasting I did in school for my notebooks, locker, and wall in my bedroom.
To look back at where I started and where I have come is an amazing journey. To be honest I really don’t like sharing those… [Continue Reading]