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Scrapbook Store of Columbia Falls, Montana

About Us

kathy familyMy name is Kathy Price and I was born and raised in Columbia Falls, Montana and am happily married to Darin, my “Prince Charming”. We have four wonderful children:  Tori, Katie, Jack and Joshuah. I love camping, hiking, boating with the family. Sports of any kind (golf, basketball, softball, etc.)…I also coach my kids in their sports. I am very active in my children’s lives and attend all their sporting events!

I have been a scrapbooker for 20 + years.  I got into it like most everyone when I was expecting my first child.  I remember going to one of those “at home” parties and sitting around watching everyone cut their photos.  I was thinking “oh my…I will never cut my photos!”  Little did I know I was going to be addicted.  And thinking back I have been attaching paper, magazine cut outs, etc. since I was in high school by decorating notebooks, lockers, etc.  I went home that night knowing one day I wanted more.  The problem was the closest store was 200+ miles and I wanted the stuff NOW.  Like anyone with an addiction, mine started with stickers, went to paper and now I would say I am addicted to ribbon.  When visiting family in the SLC area I would spend hours in scrapbook stores looking, touching and of course buying.  When coming home I would share my treasures with my closest girlfriends at crops that I would hold at my home or office.  And then like a wave, more people started to come, some I didn’t know, to look through my stuff.  It was then I knew I had to have a store with all the latest and greatest.  I went home that night and told my husband, “I’m going to open a scrapbook store” he said that’s nice!  Little did he know the store I had in mind.  It had to be BIG, it had to have a huge selection, and it had to have a room where we could get together to scrapbook.

Fourteen years and 6000 square feet later with the largest inventory for any independent retail store in the United States we are getting closer to that store I imagined in my head.  The vision is constantly evolving as we try to offer the best selection, knowledgeable staff, and comfortable work space at no charge.  We offer a large range of classes that you get to pick your own supplies and we complete “custom design and projects” for you.