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Final Scraps…April 2008

I have been an avid scrapbooker for about 14 years now…not to mention all the cutting and pasting I did in school for my notebooks, locker, and wall in my bedroom.

To look back at where I started and where I have come is an amazing journey. To be honest I really don’t like sharing those beginning books with anyone except my family. I don’t know why exactly but I do know I like looking back and remembering the work of art I created without much to choose from.

I look at this store we have created with all the variety and selection of the best  collections on the market, and wonder how I survived prior to 2003 without it.

I hope that you find it to be the place to find exactly what you need! Thank you for your continued support of All About Memories, the staff, and me because without you we couldn’t  do it.

I would also like to express a special thanks to the staff members that have ‘stepped up’ to support me in the management side of things… Stephanie, wow I have been truly blessed by your friendship, loyalty and support! Kara, wow…the creativity that flow from you…You inspire me!

Definitely kindred spirits. Thank you girls, I love you! Some of the stuff that I see Tim Holtz produce has inspired me to my core…be watching for these classes to be added late summer.

Happy Scrappin’

Kathy Price

About Kathy
Hi, my name is Kathy Price and I started scrapbooking over 20 years ago and quickly realized most scrapbook stores didn't have everything I was looking for. I wanted to open a store where every crafter could find something they needed and wanted. Our store is 6,000 square feet and has over 40,000 products to chose from! Come on in and take a look around, you will be pleasantly surprised with our paper choices and embellishments. We specialize in local tourist items for Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks as well as our custom class kits and projects.